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Board Of Advisors

The Lambda Chapter Board of Advisors ("BOA") serves to provide guidance to the undergraduate chapter members regarding all facets of chapter management. The BOA has a conference call with the chapter officers on a bi-monthly basis. Additionally, each chapter officer has an alumni counterpart who served in the undergraduate’s officer position while an active member. The alumni counterparts stay in regular contact with the chapter officers to mentor the officers and answer any questions they may have. 

Current Advisors:

Prytanis (President)  -  James Easter   
Epiprytanis (Vice President)  -  Sebastian Atwood    
Grammateus (Secretary)  -  Patrick Gehl    
Crysopheles (Treasurer)  -  Mike Goeldi 
Histor (Historian)  -  Ken Chwatek 
Hypophetes (Chaplin)  -  Bobby O'Neil 
Pylortes (Sargent at Arms)  -  Sebastian Atwood   
Hegemon (Pledge Trainor)  -  Kevin Wolf  
Recruitment/Rush  Officer  -  Joe Burich  
Social Chairman  -  James Easter