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Donation Details

The fundraising initiative to fund the Lambda chapter house restoration is exciting, lofty, and necessary venture. Fraters contributing to the campaign believe in the Fraternity’s mission, the chapter’s vision, and the project’s compelling need.

There are multiple ways to contribute the campaign. Contributions to the campaign may be made as one-time gifts or pledges, payable over three to five year periods. Fraters may utilize one or more of the following to fulfill their giving decisions.

Contributors can simply write checks and mail them to PO Box 45735, Madison, WI 53744. You may also make a donate online here.

Matching Gifts
Some Fraters have taken advantage of the corporate matching gifts to qualified tax-deductible organizations. For example: one Frater is pledging $1,500 per year to The Lambda Chapter - TKE Foundation which is being matched by his company. So, his $7,500 gift over five years has doubled to $15,000. Contact your Human Resources office to determine if your company matches gifts of non-profit organizations.

Gifts of Stock
Many Fraters have chosen to make contributions of appreciated stock to their favorite charities.  There are several advantages of giving stock, as opposed to cash. Those advantages include: By gifting appreciated securities, you avoid the Capital Gain Tax that you would ordinarily pay, currently 15-22% depending on your tax bracket, and county both State and Federal taxes. The appreciated value of your securities will represent a significantly larger contribution than the actual cost of your investment. For information on gifting securities, please contact:

For the Lambda Chapter Building Corp, TKE – contact Michael Shindelar. Phone 608-833-4040 , email
For gifts $10,000 and more for the Lambda Chapter - TKE Foundation -  contact Eric J Lanning, CFP ®. Phone 608-824-6519, email

Contributions may be tax-deductible, as determined by law. We are creating a new Lambda Chapter - TKE Foundation. The intention is to provide for tax deductible donations for the renovation project as well as future scholarships for undergraduates. We will use this fund for company matches and major gifts of at least $10,000. Contributions to this fund can only be used for educational purposes which would include items such as internet connectivity, networking, library, fire suppression, and study areas within the chapter house facility…and, of course, student scholarships.


Giving Levels

  • $50,000 Golden Horseshoe
  • $25,000 Triangle 
  • $15,000 Lake Mendota
  • $10,000 Lambda
  • $5,000 Bucky
  • $2,500 Badger
  • $1,000 Wisconsin