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Jeff Hertz '04

Hertz was initiated Fall 2000. Scroll Number Lambda 1006. Pledge name Kirby. Pledge class president Fall 2000. He was the Histor in 2001, Hegemon in 2002, Histor in 2003 and Humorology Director in 2002 and 2004. He also went to the TKE Leadership Academy XV in Summer 2002.

Since graduation, Hertz has been on the Lambda Chapter Building Corporation Board. At various times, and with the help and direction of the board he has worked with reaching out to alumni, planning events and creating newsletters. Recently he has been the Vice President of the Foundation Board.

Hertz is not exaggerating when he says TKE has been in his thoughts every day since he became a pledge. TKE is a special thing to be a part of and it truly is the fraternity for life. Every time he gets to say, “I am a TKE”, it comes out with extreme pride. As an alum, he has been guided by something an alum said to him when was in the house. The alumni said he always wanted to have this place to come back to. That impacted Hertz significantly and he has always wanted to make sure that he has a place to go back to. Hertz said living in that house and working to run the chapter is a feeling that cannot be recreated in any other way. It is an experience he would not trade for anything in the world. To Hertz, TKE has two different meanings. It is something he is a part of and something he is proud to be. It is also that place that he holds very special and feels comforted knowing it is there.

To the active members of TKE - Think about what you need to do now so that you can set up the future and have this place to come back to. Your time as an active is so hopefully much shorter than your time as a TKE alumni. You will be in this fraternity forever and being an active is just the start. Put in everything you can, and you will be rewarded as a lifelong TKE.