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Lambda Virtual Happy Hour A Rousing Success

Dear Fraters,

Thanks to everyone who attended the Virtual Happy Hour on Thursday, October 1st! 

We had nearly 30 fraters across several generations and a few special guests!  John Weigandt's ‘53 lovely bride, Marj, asked if it was okay if she took part and the answer was a resounding YES!   Steve John ’07 had his newest family member and potential future frater with him, Ian!  I think everyone had a good time.  I certainly did.

We got an in depth update from chapter Prytanis, Ken Chwatek ‘18.  Bottom line, the chapter is doing very well.  Even in the midst of COVID-19, Lambda continues to select to the core of who we are as they evaluate Prospective New Members "not for wealth, rank or honor but for personal worth and character" which is a central component to becoming a Top Teke Chapter...which, by the way Lambda was awarded this year.

We also got an update from everyone on the call in what is happening in their personal lives and re-lived some memories or appreciated others memories as we took a multi-generational walk down memory lane with the simple question: "What is your favorite Teke memory"?   The typical initial response was, "there are so many to choose from" but to name just a couple:

 - John Wiegandt ‘53 mentioned the canon incident that he mentioned during the 100 year celebration but did not fully recount the details, however, he did share a different memory.  The TKE house used to be at 156 Langdon where part of Alpha Chi Omega house currently sits.  John recounted passing beers from the TKE house windows to the ladies of AXO!

- Mark Balinski ‘74  shared that he and Fritz Jacobi ‘72 met and had a photo with Frater Ronald Reagan.  Apparently, Frater Reagan would request TKEs from local chapters to come to events as he traveled the country.  There is no photo evidence that can be found but I believe them.

- Whiffle-ball baseball, this was past my time in the house, I wish we would have thought of that!

I could go on and on!  Hearing stories whether I recall them or just building my pride in Teke shenanigans made this virtual experience a complete success for me.

I am excited that we will have more of these events whether happy hours, speakers, panels or something else...this will be a great way to stay or get more engaged with the men of the Lambda chapter of TKE!   Don't forget - Once a Teke, always a Teke!   At the next event, we will get to meet the men who are running the chapter as we will ask the Executive Council to introduce themselves, what they are doing and future initiatives.   Watch for emails for the next event.   Make sure to RSVP and, better yet, call and personally invite your closest fraters!

Yours in the Bond,

Nate Johnson  '90  
President, TKE Lambda Chapter Foundation