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Bob Holtz ‘85

Bob enrolled into the University of Wisconsin in 1981. He lived in the TKE house because they needed borders, and he needed a place to live. He lived in the house from his freshman year to the end of his junior year. Bob graduated in 1985 from the business school at University of Wisconsin. After he graduated, he worked in banking for his entire career. Bob lived in Zurich, Switzerland from 1997-200, and became more involved in TKE upon his return. He is looking forward to seeing the chapter return to its former glory.

TKE has provided Bob with some of his best friends that he has today. He sees around ten brothers several times per year and to him, it never gets old. Joining TKE provided him with the opportunity to build an organization, understand how to manage a facility, and maintain a sense of responsibility to the house. Almost all his TKE friends have gone on to remarkable careers, and Bob believes that the TKE experience helped them out.

Bob wants undergraduates to know that they are the faces of the fraternity. The undergraduates represent all the good, and possibly the bad, things to the university, sororities, and other fraternities. Being the faces of the fraternity is something to take seriously. There is no house mother to clean up after them, and no handyman to fix holes in the wall. This is the time that undergraduates will learn to act like adults, respect their roles and the fraternity, and they will be rewarded with a wonderful four years at TKE. These are the friends that will be in your life forever.