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Next Virtual Happy Hour - January 14th, 2021.


I am looking forward to putting 2020 behind me and I am certain many of you are as well!  That being said, we want to celebrate the new year with our third happy hour.  The first two happy hours were well attended and, based on the fact they ran long, I know everyone had a great time.  Connections are being made across generations of Teke's and that is absolutely awesome to see!  Another exciting result of these events: The Lambda TKE songbook has been unearthed thanks to Kevin Gifford!  If you have not attended yet, here is your next opportunity!  It's possible some TKE songs could be sung!  (no recordings allowed ;))

The next Happy Hour is scheduled for January 14th from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm(ish).  

Some of the items we hope to share:

 - New chapter officers and chapter initiatives
 - Exciting news from The Lambda TKE foundation
 - Initiatives to improve the chapter house at 216 Langdon.

I am sure this will be another great event and I hope you will be there.

Please RSVP here and the Zoom link will be sent to you.


Nate Johnson Λ877 '90
President, TKE Lambda Chapter Foundation